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Trusted Advocacy For Child Custody, Guardianship And Adoption

“I have seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.” – Tracy Chapman

When families are secure, a community thrives. Each family has distinct characteristics and expectations of what that security looks like. Children in a nurturing environment can reach their highest potential.

But when a child’s parents are going through changes and their life situation goes awry, they often need a family court to step in to resolve matters. Child support, custody and visitation schedules, adoptions and guardianships help families to flourish.

Experienced Guidance For All Facets Of Family Law

At Resolute Law Firm, P.C., in Sioux Falls, our lawyers are knowledgeable in the full spectrum of family law services such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Paternity actions
  • Protection orders
  • Abuse and neglect cases
  • Guardianships of minors or adults
  • Adoption

Our attorneys are experienced with each of these types of family law matters and can answer the questions you have about your specific child custody, guardianship or adoption issue in a free consultation. We handle custody disputes within the context of divorce, as well as custody and visitation between parents who were never married.

We Help You Do What’s Right For Your Family

When a child has regular and consistent contact with both parents and when child support payments are made in a timely manner, the child’s best interests are served. We can help you ensure your custody rights are protected. We can help you to establish custody, support or visitation, or to modify or enforce an existing child custody or child support order.

Guardianships can be needed for any number of reasons. A guardianship of a minor might be appropriate when a child’s parents have died or have become incapacitated due to drug use or because they are serving a prison sentence and other family members need to step in to care for the child during the parental absence. Guardianships are necessary for those seeking medical care, and wishing to enroll a child in school for a child whose parent is not present or able to assist in those capacities.

If an adult family member becomes incapacitated due to sudden injury or illness and is no longer capable of caring for themselves, the court may need to appoint a guardian over the person, or a conservatorship to provide for a person’s financial affairs when they are unable to take care of those concerns themselves.

At Resolute Law Firm, P.C., our law firm is a committed and approachable team. We can help you with the adoption of a new family member, whether through stepparent adoption or through the Department of Social Services. Whether it is welcoming a new family member into your home or solidifying a relationship between child and step parent, we are the firm to assist you in this exciting endeavor.

Trusted Representation Dedicated To Strengthening Families

We serve South Dakota families in Minnehaha County, as well as Turner, Lincoln, Lake, McCook and Brookings counties. Please call us at 605-679-6352 for a free consultation to discuss your family’s circumstances and legal needs. If you prefer to reach us by email, complete our online form.