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I was born and raised in what is now the southern part of Sioux Falls but at the time was the family farm for several generations. My family eventually moved to Harrisburg, SD where I attended school until I graduated in 2011. After high school, I attended college at Augustana University where I began my studies as a chemistry and biology double major. My goal was to go to medical school so that I could help people. However, after two years, I realized I was not enthusiastic about the topic area anymore. But I still had the desire to help people wherever I could. I took a few law classes to explore the field and found the study fascinating and enjoyable.

After graduating college, I took some time off to make sure I wanted to go to law school. During the time away from school, I worked for the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office as a corrections officer at the jail. I walked away with many stories from my time there, but the one overarching theme was that when a person is going through the legal system, they were frustrated, confused, and maybe even a little scared of the unknown. It is one of the most stressful times in their lives. At this point, I knew for sure that I wanted to go to law school to learn how to help people navigate the system and to get their lives back on track as soon as possible.

After spending my entire life in and around Sioux Falls, I decided to get adventurous, so I attended law school at the University of South Dakota School of Law in Vermillion, SD. During my time there, I took advantage of every opportunity to be involved. I served on two boards, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and trial team, where I was able to compete in regional and national trial competitions, and I was able to earn experience as a student attorney in the tax clinic and the criminal defense clinic.

Upon graduating law school, I worked at the Minnehaha County Public Defender's Office for over a year where I got to help the citizens of Minnehaha County every day. However, at the end of 2021, I had the opportunity to join Resolute Law where I had previously interned for two years during law school. My time at the firm showed me the passion that everyone here has for teaching, the law, and helping their clients and I knew it was an opportunity that I had to take. I hope to continue that enthusiasm and I look forward to helping you however I may.